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Broadband and Mobile Service Providers face challenges as they work toward meeting their business goals of expansion, revenue growth and improved customer retention. In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, Service Providers need differentiated offerings beyond basic, low margin, commodity services in order to grow revenues.

WireFilter Network Packet Broker

Constant technological advances and an ever-growing number of connected nodes keep making network architectures more complex. It has become challenging to stay in control of the network, especially with streams of duplicate data that interfere with network analysis.

WireFilter Packet Broker is a next-generation solution that helps you keep your infrastructure fast, reliable, and secure. Here’s what you can do with our top-notch solution for supercharging your network architecture.

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Web Security Solutions

Free your customers from the worry of cybercrime and inappropriate content

Your end users want their children to be safe when they browse the internet.

As a broadband provider, the responsibility for providing a sufficient level of control falls on your shoulders.

WireFilter offers carrier-class Web security solutions that will provide your domestic customers with full parental control and the tools they need to keep their kids safe online.

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Big Data Solutions for All Industries

Satisfying your desire for real-time, actionable information

We live in a world full of Big Data. It fuels businesses, dictates consumer spending and provides audience insights for marketers that are goldmines of information.

With Big Data generated constantly, making sense of it as a business in the digital age is challenging, but with WireFilter’s Big Data solutions, your operation can finally make informed decisions based on intelligent insight.

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Reporting and Analysis Solutions

Turning big, unmanageable data into actionable insight

The world in which we live is driven by Big Data. It flows from every smartphone, website and connected device, yet making sense of it is a considerable challenge.

At WireFilter, we’ve worked tirelessly on building a reporting and analysis solution that will uncover the mysteries, opportunities and anomalies contained within the data your business holds.

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WireFilter URL Database

Provide a safe, secure internet with one of the world’s largest URL databases

With over 1.2 billion websites in existence, providing a safe, secure internet browsing experience for your customers is challenging.

Just one inadvertent visit to a malicious website can result in critical problems for the user, with lost data, virus infection or malware infestation all possible outcomes.

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Media Analyzer Solution

Decode and analyze the media of today – and the future

Rich content dominates the web, and the telecommunications market is consequently relying on increasingly complex codecs to fetch and display media files.

WireFilter has developed the Media Analyzer Solution to provide a fast, convenient and cost-effective way of dealing with large media files.

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Metadata Management Solutions

A universal approach to metadata management

In the digital economy, data has become an invaluable asset for businesses.

Managing complex data requires a solid grasp of its significance and meaning.

Our range of metadata management solutions have been developed to help your business take advantage of this crucial asset.

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Core Network Visibility Solution

Cost-effective, complete visibility for your network infrastructure

Your customers rely on the voice and data services your business provides. But how well do you know your network? Are you able to look deeply into its infrastructure?

The WireFilter Core Network Visibility Solution is a breakthrough in technology that enables network service providers to delve into the core of their technical infrastructure.

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