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Provide a safe, secure internet with one of the world’s largest URL databases

With over 1.2 billion websites in existence, providing a safe, secure internet browsing experience for your customers is challenging.

Just one inadvertent visit to a malicious website can result in critical problems for the user, with lost data, virus infection or malware infestation all possible outcomes.

The WireFilter URL Database (WFDB) has been created so that you can maintain and protect your users from this growing threat.

Meeting the Demands of the Dynamic Web

The modern Web is incredibly dynamic. With billions of websites now accessible on traditional computing devices, smartphones and tablets, avoiding malicious code and web-borne viruses is a huge challenge.

This is particularly the case for users who aren’t tech-savvy, but everyone deserves to have a Web experience that doesn’t require cyber security know-how or detailed technical knowledge to remain safe.

Malicious software is now so complex that it can enter your clients’ devices and spread through networks silently and almost without trace.

This is why you need WFDB’s comprehensive, up-to-date classification of websites that will enable you to filter out the worst kind of content.


Tackling An Increasing Threat

There was a time when the Web largely consisted of simple HTML pages. Now, with the rise of blogging, social networking sites, wikis, video content and other interactive sites, the threat posed by the internet is as significant as the level of enjoyment that can be derived from it.

If you don’t have an accurate, up-to-date URL database sitting behind your service arsenal, you’ll have a significant challenge on your hands maintaining and protecting your users.

The modern Web user treads a complex path and never remains at the same destination for too long. Your security systems therefore need to cope with the dynamic nature of Web usage and the threats it encounters. The WireFilter URL Database will help you do just that.

One of the largest website category databases available

The WireFilter URL Database contains seventy-seven categories of website. This makes it one of the largest and most accurate collections of website data on the market.

The top used URLs in the Middle East region are all minutely detailed. They come categorised at every level; by hosts, domains, directories and even at page level.

It goes further, too, with some URLs assigned to more than one category.


Why choose WireFilter’s WFDB?

The modern Web is as vast as it is dynamic. Likewise, users are increasingly accessing a huge range of content. At WireFilter, we want to help you provide your customers with a free, safe browsing experience. Equally, we understand the importance of an accessible web, and one which doesn’t put the onus of security infrastructure client side.

The WireFilter WFDB will prove to be one of the most important elements within your security environment. It will make your clients’ browsing experience as safe as possible and protect them from the malicious side of the web. The team behind WireFilter has a goal to meet the needs of its global and regional customers by providing flexible, scalable solutions that can be relied on.

We recognise the importance of being more than a vendor, too, with a highly experienced in-house team capable of delivering excellent after sales support that will make them feel like an extension of your team.

As a broadband services provider, you’ll want your end users to enjoy using your network and not have to think about the security elements that make the Web a safe place to browse and consume content.

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