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A Brief History Of Our Company

WireFilter is uniquely positioned to augment customers’ network security solutions with deep internet visibility, classification and control. With strong Internet technologies, WireFilter solutions expand the depth and breadth of internet security to include required protocol management and deliver an intelligence system across the network. Together this intelligence allows the set of policy-based controls in WireFilter solutions to be more powerfully deployed with full network context.

Our focus

WireFilter’s influence grew quickly in the internet security market, thanks to countless innovations that have helped businesses across many different industries tackle the increasing threat from cybercrime. We focus intensely on meeting customer requirements by providing the best internet security, data intelligence and telecoms solutions. We do this by combining traditional account management with flexible, innovative technology. It’s what sets us apart. WireFilter specializes in the following services:

Solutions for the telecom market

ICT security product and solutions for a variety of sectors

Big Data solutions

Reporting and analysis suites

URL database and metadata management services

Core network visibility solutions

Our Story

The global market for internet telecom products is vast, and as an innovator in this sector, WireFilter is perfectly positioned to provide the most reliable services for telecoms operators and large enterprises, without neglecting the all-important personal touch. We provide high-performance solutions that save space, reduce power consumption and deliver an unbeatable return on investment. WireFilter delivers state-of-the-art telecom and internet products and a team behind the scenes that will respond quickly to demand for infrastructure and security services.

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Top Telecoms Served In The Region

68 +

Million Users Served Per Day

100 %

Localize And Develop Technology In Saudi

73 %

Market Share in GCC

Our Mission

To be one of the leaders in Internet compliance solution provider for telecom and government sectors through vast experience, innovation and competent team. WireFilter is undergoing tremendous growth and expansion in market share, as well as building brand new products that are unique and highly demanded by a niche market. Build strong customer relationships and problem-solve technical issues to make businesses more productive, collaborative, and innovative.

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