Core Network Visibility Solution

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Cost-effective, complete visibility for your network infrastructure

Your customers rely on the voice and data services your business provides. But how well do you know your network? Are you able to look deeply into its infrastructure?

The WireFilter Core Network Visibility Solution is a breakthrough in technology that enables network service providers to delve into the core of their technical infrastructure.

It’ll help you reduce outages, improve performance for customers and optimize resource utilization.


The foundation of your service

For voice and data services to be scalable, fast and capable of increasing capacity in-line with demand, the service provider needs to have complete visibility of its network.

These are big technologies, all filled with unique, tough challenges. And, in order to remain competitive, new technological deployments usually demand massive commitment and aggressive installation schedules.

Performance defines the success of your business as a network service provider; it’s how your customers determine your suitability and capability. WireFilter’s Core Network Visibility Solution will help you deal with big technology by providing deep insight.

The importance of real-time visibility

No longer a nice-to-have, the ability to accurately monitor your network is mission-critical for service providers.

Hosted services, devices and other technologies need to be capable of delivering a fast, consistent user experience. The real-time monitoring offered by our Core Network Visibility Solution enables network service providers to deliver a superior user experience.

Real-time visibility is critical in today’s highly complex digital environment. Every call or data transmission will head through your core network, and the Core Network Visibility Solution will ensure you can identify and prevent issues that might impede their progress.

Our system is capable of orchestrating many network domains, including IMS Core, CS Core and Packet Core.


Drive profitability and customer satisfaction

The performance of your network will define the success of the business, its profitability and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Performance demands show no sign of slowing down, which is why you need the ability to make dynamic connections between any point of your network and the tools used to manage it.

Cost-effective, complete visibility of your infrastructure will be provided by the WireFilter Core Network Visibility Solution. This will enable you to simplify your network and streamline your monitoring architecture.

The result is reduced latency and enhanced traffic flow that ultimately results in a much smoother, faster and safer experience for the end user.

Reducing risk, tightening security

With cyber-crime an ever-present threat that is very much in the national conscience, reducing risk on your network should be of primary concern.

With WireFilter’s Core Network Visibility Solution you can do just that. By understanding the type of data that is being processed and the patterns surrounding it, any inherent risks can be quickly identified and dealt with.

Why choose WireFilter’s Core Network Visibility Solution?

Since 2008, we’ve been developing reliable, flexible, and scalable products, and the Core Network Visibility Solution is built with that ethos in mind.

Our team’s many years of combined experience enable us to provide systems for network operators that deliver insight, speed and constant innovation in approachable, intuitive packages.

There’s so much going on within your core network, but without the right tools to take a deeper look at your infrastructure, you’ll be missing vital opportunities to improve the customer experience and set yourself apart from the competition.

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