Media Analyzer Solution

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Decode and analyse the media of today - and the future

Rich content dominates the web, and the telecommunications market is consequently relying on increasingly complex codecs to fetch and display media files.

WireFilter has developed the Media Analyzer Solution to provide a fast, convenient and cost effective way of dealing with large media files. Traditional media analysing techniques are time consuming and prone to failure, but with Media Analyzer, the process becomes as easy and effective as it should be.

High-end analysis and decoding

The Media Analyzer Solution covers all widely-deployed compressed media formats.

Designed to offer fast decoding capabilities and high-end analysis, it can deal with both the media of today and the future.

With video one of the web’s most popular forms of content, and the size of files increasing considerably due to higher resolutions and longer running times, service providers need to rely on tools that are capable of doing the heavy lifting.

Fetching and displaying media of this kind is challenging, but Media Analyzer has been built from the ground up with machine learning algorithms to reduce the amount of storage required for such files and ensure a cleaner, faster path from disk to end user.


Built for now and the future

There are already a huge number of media types in use on the web, but with decoding technology constantly innovating, it’s vital you have infrastructure in place that can cope with what’s to come.

As media evolves, the systems you rely on should do the same, and Media Analyzer has been developed with the future in mind. This is one part of your service arsenal that you won’t have to replace as new file types and increasingly large files begin to make their presence felt.


Advanced Voice Recognition (AVR)

The Media Analyzer Solution comes complete with Advanced Voice Recognition – a form of machine learning that enables you to identify specific voices within any piece of media.

This allows you to validate any voice contained within you media library and provide solutions to your end users based on that ability to identify.


A unique solution

The Media Analyzer Solution is unique in that it provides tools for troubleshooting multiplexed, primary and secondary media systems.

This is the perfect solution for technical teams due to its inherent ability to offer fast assessment, compliance testing and interoperability verification capabilities.

Media Analyzer is great for troubleshooting, too. It’ll spot issues and errors contained within media before they become a problem for the user.

Thanks to end user experience measurements, Media Analyzer gives service providers a complete, birds’ eye view of media performance across the platform – from the point at which it is fetched to eventually displayed client side.

Making short work of large files

If your media delivery system is currently experiencing issues with increasingly large file sizes, the Media Analyzer is the solution you need.

With every commonly used compressed media format catered for, you’ll never have to worry about incompatibility or downtime for updates to be applied ever again.

You might be currently relying on knowledge acquisition in-house and dedicated testing and verification tools to process the large media files you distribute to users. Whatever your situation, our Media Analyzer solution will remove this burden and help you deliver a brilliant service to end users.


Why choose WireFilter?

Formed in 2008, WireFilter has been built to respond to the explosive growth in data traffic on the web.

The rapidly changing, dynamic Web environment we all have access to has spawned countless types of media and a thirst for rich content.

To deliver that content, you need the right infrastructure – an infrastructure that looks not only to address the requirements of now, but for those that are to come.

WireFilter’s goal is and has always been to provide flexible, scalable solutions that are backed by human-led managed services. Media Analyzer has our ethos, culture and goals woven into its design.

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