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A universal approach to metadata management

In the digital economy, data has become an invaluable asset for businesses. Managing complex data requires a solid grasp of its significance and meaning.

Our range of metadata management solutions have been developed to help your business take advantage of this crucial asset.

What is metadata?

Metadata is essentially ‘data about data’. The simplest of metadata might detail the physical size, author and creation date of a file, but in the digital marketplace it goes much deeper than that.

Data is connected to other data in ways that will either baffle or inform, which is why we’ve developed a set of tools to help you understand those relationships.

If dataset A changes, what impact does that have on dataset? What is the significance of every element of your database? Without WireFilter’s expertise, you can’t answer these questions and you’ll simply get lost in a mountain of indecipherable information.

Metadata database management

Metadata is essential to interpreting the contents of a database.

Our universal approach to metadata management aggregates and links the metadata from a wide range of data sources within your business.

Metadata is at its most useful when the company that owns it can share, standardise and exploit the hidden value contained within. Your organisation’s information assets contain key insight into the health of the business, its touchpoints with customers and the inherent risks it faces.

With our metadata management solutions, your database will gain new meaning, and its significance on your business’s performance and future will be laid bare.

A better understanding of your market and industry

Metadata is crucial in a world of Big Data. It’s capable of giving your business a competitive advantage by enabling teams to extract exacting information far more quickly.

For instance, if certain customer data is required to inform the next twelve months’ marketing strategy, metadata will hold the key and detailed map for the data you need to plan, target and execute.

By fully utilising the colossal amounts of data your business likely stores, you’ll gain a far better understanding of the market, the industry within which you operate and can use that knowledge to raise your game.

Data is powerful – it enables you to provide much higher levels of service and expertise based on fact, rather than hunches and historic insight.


Super-fast access to critical insight

Metadata enables every department within your business to access critical information fast, but it needs to be accessible and use friendly.

Our metadata management solutions enable organisations to strip away the complexity of managing big data and the metadata contained within by doing all of the heavy lifting for you.

We’re the experts in infrastructure and data management – you’re the experts in your business. Let us provide the technical backbone you need to unlock data that is properly indexed, searchable and geared towards the super-fast digital economy.


Types of metadata

The WireFilter metadata management solution can deal with all types of metadata, enabling you to put it to a broad range of uses that will offer tangible benefits for your business. Types of metadata include:

  • Preservation: the hierarchy or sequence of data
  • Descriptive: the basics, such as title, author, size and genre of data
  • Technical: file type, creation date and size are common examples
  • Rights: your metadata may contain copyright status or license terms
  • Markup: designed for navigation and interoperability, such as headings, names, dates and lists

Why choose WireFilter?

Since 2008 we’ve been responding quickly to the explosive growth of data traffic.

Building solutions like our metadata management software is what drives us - it excites our team and we’re always looking one step ahead for the next opportunity to innovate.

Our customers benefit from deeply-integrated solutions that remove the complexity from big data management in the fast-moving commercial landscape. Our solutions will provide the essential insight you’re currently missing and do so in a way that doesn’t require significant IT experience on your part.

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