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Best-of-Breed Web Security Solution for Broadband and Mobile Service Providers

WireFilter delivers carrier-class Web Security and Parental Control Solutions for Broadband and Mobile Service Providers.

Designed from the ground up to overcome the severe performance and scalability limitations of first generation firewall and proxy-based solutions, WireFilter is the first true asymmetric Web security platform that delivers next-generation performance, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Free your customers from the worry of cybercrime and inappropriate content

Your end users want their children to be safe when they browse the internet.

As a broadband provider, the responsibility for providing a sufficient level of control falls on your shoulders.

WireFilter offers carrier-class Web security solutions that will provide your domestic customers with full parental control and the tools they need to keep their kids safe online.

Say goodbye to complexity and perceived limitations

Cybercriminals and the proliferation of inappropriate content online are tough problems to solve.

Staying one step ahead of the darkest activity on the Internet is a challenge for broadband and mobile service providers. As a result, many providers make assumptions about the limited control they can offer their customers.

At WireFilter, we’ve spent years building parental control solutions that make the complexity and perceived limitations of Web security vanish.

We do this by providing self-service policy provisioning tools that are cost-effective, approachable, easy to implement and personally supported by our highly-experienced team.

Inappropriate content and cyber threats – contained

The internet is a wonderful place for children. They can learn, play and communicate with friends and family. Unfortunately, without the right parental controls in place, they’re also never far from the dark side of the web.

Inappropriate content is readily shared on social networks and can be found within search results, syndicated news content and discussion threads. It’s therefore all too easy for children to inadvertently end up viewing content that will harm their experience online.

WireFilter’s utilizes McAfee SmartFilter – the industry’s leading Web filtering database with more than 25 million Web sites organized into more than 90 categories – providing Web security with unmatched coverage, quality and accuracy.

Simplicity and effectiveness

“The complexity and the limitations that we thought it’s part of the infrastructure, disappeared from the first day we switch to WireFilter.” Hussam Khalid

Peace of mind

“Managing and operating the solution can't be easier than that!” Mohammed Sayed

WireFilter system benefits

Utmost scalability

Our solution can handle a growing amount of work, or its potential to be enlarged to accommodate that growth.

True wire speed

Provide low latency Web security solution for broadband customers with no reduction in Internet speed or quality of experience.

Green Solution

A small footprint and highly efficient energy use saves space and power, reducing TCO and supporting green data centers.

Superior performance

10Gbps high performance system with matchless high availability to deliver non-stop mission-critical services.

Tiered Support

Enables personalized, policy-based, managed Web security value added services for broadband and mobile customers.

Native support

WireFilter can enforce Google and Yahoo SafeSearch policies to provide clean Web, image and video searches results.

The first asymmetric Web security platform: WireFilter delivers next-generation performance, flexibility and does so cost-effectively.

Big enough to stand alone: Our parental control platform is built from the ground up and stands on its own two feet; it isn’t an add-on service, nor does it require a companion system to work.

Integrated intelligence: Tier-one service broadband providers can offer premium, revenue-generating value-add services to end users.

For families and enterprise: Although used most commonly for domestic clients, the WireFilter parental control solution is just as at home in the enterprise, with Web security for businesses that offer flexible, self-service policy provisioning tools.

Multi-policy: Provide parents with the ability to setup multiple policies based on the device being used.

White- and black-listing: Give full control to your end users with the ability to make specific sites always accessible or inaccessible, regardless of category.

Web-based dashboard: Provide parents with an easy-to-use web-based dashboard from which to monitor their child’s Web browsing and set the appropriate rules.

Case study

Saudi Telecom Company (stc) is one of the largest telecommunication services provider in the MENA region and the leading operator within GCC, has selected WireFilter web security solution that improves its services. It also reduces the operating expense considerably.

STS invests in WireFilter web security solutions for immediate savings and put in place a scalable solution that can grow with its business.

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