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Turning big, unmanageable data into actionable insight

The world in which we live is driven by Big Data. It flows from every smartphone, website and connected device, yet making sense of it is a considerable challenge.

At WireFilter, we’ve worked tirelessly on building a reporting and analysis solution that will uncover the mysteries, opportunities and anomalies contained within the data your business holds.

Our reporting and analysis solutions, will help you understand your business, its market and customers better than ever before.

How It Can Help Your Business?

With data an ever-present but complex entity within most businesses in the digital age, having the right tools to hand to make sense of it is vital.

This is why we built these solutions. It’s a platform which will analyse the data you have, regardless of where it’s held and provide detailed statistics and analytics.

Chances are, you will hold data across a number of software platforms and database locations. Some may be in-house, while others will be hosted by third parties.

WireFilter reporting and analysis solutions brings these disparate sets of data together, regardless of location, the system or database in which the information resides or whether it is held internally or externally.

With the reporting and analysis solutions, large, complex sets of data can be brought together for coherent analysis.


Giving decision makers the tools they need

The key players and stakeholders in your business need convenient, unfiltered access to data that matters.

Unfortunately, dealing with large sets of complex, raw data doesn’t provide the insight required because more time is spent analysing, summarising and sifting through information, rather than gaining tangible insight from it.

WireFilter reporting and analysis solutions removes the need to manually deconstruct or make sense of raw data by using powerful computing techniques to combine separate datasets and offer useful, meaningful information.

This level of clarity enables the decision makers within the business to base their management decisions on fact, rather than a hunch or on data that is inaccurate.

Unlocking the Powerful Data Within Your Grasp

Your business already contains powerful data - it just doesn’t know it yet.

Equally, you may already have identified the data you have, but its size and scale has put you off dealing with it. Staring into a wall of complex data isn’t palatable, but with the our solutions, you can use it to its full potential.

WireFilter reporting and analysis solutions means you can finally take advantage of the data you have to hand and gain knowledge that can be applied directly to the business.

Exploring trends, patterns and opportunities

By using our reporting and analysis solutions, your business will allow for sales, marketing and operational opportunities to be more comprehensively explored.

Utilising the data you have will give you a better understanding of the industry, the prevailing market conditions and means you can provide a high level of professional service and expertise to your customers.

With these solutions you can explore trends and patterns in the data your business generates. This will enable stakeholders to make data-driven decisions to improve the business’s chance of success.


Why choose WireFilter?

With so much data to hand, you need a significant degree of experience to make sense of it all.

At WireFilter, we’re far more than a vendor. We possess a highly-experienced in-house team that delivers direct support to clients and managed services that will make us feel like an extension of your team.

As a business that deals with data, you’ll need the tools, advice and support that are capable of helping you get the most from it.

We don’t want to see great data go to waste. WireFilter will unlock the powerful information held within your business.

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