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WireFilter Network Packet Broker for Superior Network Monitoring and Security

Constant technological advances and an ever-growing number of connected nodes keep making network architectures more complex. It has become challenging to stay in control of the network, especially with streams of duplicate data that interfere with network analysis.

To ensure optimum network performance and a high level of security, you need to take an innovative approach to network monitoring.

WireFilter Packet Broker is a next-generation solution that helps you keep your infrastructure fast, reliable, and secure. Here’s what you can do with our top-notch solution for supercharging your network architecture.

Optimize Packet Processing and Traffic Filtering

WireFilter Packet Broker comes with advanced features for packet processing, including the removal of MPLS labels, VLAN/VXLAN tags, and tunneling protocols, such as GTP, GRE, and PPPoE.

By identifying and removing various tunneling protocols, you can choose the types of traffic that you would like to send to specific monitoring and security tools for in-depth analysis.

Our cutting-edge solution also features layer 7 application layer intelligence that can help filter and classify traffic. It provides real-time identification of different traffic flows and classifies them per application.

You don’t have to worry about the ever-changing signature of most applications. We regularly update our layer 7 signature database to ensure proper identification and classification of all applications and protocols.

Leverage Full Network Visibility with No Packet Loss

With our WireFilter Packet Broker solution, you can have full visibility of your network traffic, with optimized line-rate performance and absolutely no packet loss. There will be no dropped traffic or any potential blind spots that could negatively affect your network analytics or compromise security.

Our solution will provide you with real-time, end-to-end visibility that will give you full control and network coverage, and streamline your data center and cloud-based assets.

Enhance the Performance of Your Security and Network-Monitoring Tools

With WireFilter Packet Broker at your disposal, you can optimize the performance of your security and monitoring tools across your entire network.

You can make sure that all the traffic you aggregate from multiple TAP or SPAN ports feeds the right, actionable packet data into your security and network monitoring tools.
That way, you can optimize your traffic flow and boost network efficiency while simultaneously cutting your costs.

You can also better understand your network and user behavior so that your team can quickly resolve any potential issues that may occur. Whether there’s a security threat or a performance bottleneck, you can instantly identify and address it.

As data center network speeds rapidly increase, so must the tools and mechanisms need to seamlessly scale to match throughput demands. By integrating Arista’s TAP aggregation switches with the set of visibility intelligence feature stacks of the WireFilter PB, our joint customers benefit from greater scalability, control and cost savings by mapping our innovations with their self-healing architecture to be combined into powerful solution.

Satisfying our needs and more

“It really makes us feel good when we see that we have achieved our goal by satisfying our customers. The TAC team were there for us when we needed any assistance, and the entire project has met our expectations to the point where we are now in a position to enhance our services.” Mohamoud Yasser

Smooth handover and a seamless transition

“Moving to WireFilter Packet Broker was an easy learning curve for our teams, and looking to the future, we see WireFilter as a preferred vendor for upcoming infrastructure projects.” Ameer Noor

Eliminate Duplicate Packets

Duplicate packets are very common in traffic and data streams but can be a real nightmare when analyzing your network and traffic flows. With WireFilter Packet Broker, you can say goodbye to redundant data, overloaded monitoring tools, and all the inefficiencies that tend to follow.

You can increase your data capacity, boost your network performance, and effectively reach your monitoring goals. That’s all thanks to the advanced intelligence technology of our top-of-the-line Packet Broker solution. It can instantly detect and eliminate duplicate packets so that they don’t make their way to your monitoring tools.

By dropping identical or similar copies from the data stream, you can significantly reduce overhead. Your monitoring tools can work with relevant and useful data that helps them perform efficiently and effectively. Not only can they provide you with accurate data at any given moment, but they can also help you improve your entire network’s visibility.

Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) is one of the leading telecommunication services company in the middle East and is one of the fastest growing mobile operator in the region and we are proud that we participate in Mobily’s journey from the beginning, and gained their trust.

We are proud that we participate in Mobily’s journey from the beginning, and gained their trust. Recently Mobily modernized its network with the WireFilter packet broker solution to enhanced the services and achieve an excellent customer experience while delivering tangible operating expenses savings.

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