Grow Broadband Revenue with Differentiated Offerings

Broadband and Mobile Service Providers face challenges as they work toward meeting their business goals of expansion, revenue growth and improved customer retention. In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, Service Providers need differentiated offerings beyond basic, low margin, commodity services in order to grow revenues. WireFilter Web Security Solutions enable Providers to:

  • Enhance competitive positioning by offering customers powerful network-based Web security solutions delivered by a platform designed and built specifically for Tier 1 Carriers.
  • Grow revenues with value-added services that are in high demand and easy to sell.
  • Retain customers, improve satisfaction and build loyalty with customizable Web security offerings.
  • Future proof your Web security investment with a hardware platform featuring high-availability and redundancy, flexible installation modes, integration with leading policy management vendors, wire-speed performance and scalability from tens of thousands to millions of users

Flexible, Customizable Web Security Solutions with Full Visibility and Control

With today’s widespread Internet security risks, both corporate and family broadband subscribers are looking to define and manage their own Web security across different end point devices – including PCs, PDAs and smart mobile devices. WireFilter enables Service Providers to offer both enterprise and family subscribers personalized Web security solutions that feature:

  • Comprehensive Web 2.0 security leveraging McAfee SmartFilter, the world's most accurate and comprehensive URL filtering database allowing subscribers to block or allow category-specific Web content
  • Powerful protection against malware, spyware and other ubiquitous security threats with prevention occurring at the Service Provider before ever reaching or impacting the customer network.
  • Easy policy administration through a flexible, easy-to-use self-service portal with unified policy enforcement for all fixed and mobiles devices
  • Access to detailed Internet usage reports
  • Time of day restrictions to limit user access during specific hours
  • Day of week restrictions to block access on any particular days

Users enjoy all of this protection without having to install, configure or update multiple products on their end – which dramatically improves end user acceptance rates compared to client based solutions.