Best-of-Breed Web Security System for Broadband and Mobile Service Providers

Cost Effective             True Wire Speed            Carrier Class Performance
Utmost Scalability      Highest Availability       Space and Energy Saving

WireFilter delivers carrier-class Web Security and Parental Control Solutions for Broadband
and Mobile Service Providers. Designed from the ground up to overcome the severe performance and scalability limitations of first generation firewall and proxy-based solutions, WireFilter is the first true asymmetric Web security platform that delivers next-generation performance, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

WireFilter is a Web security system with the scalability, reliability and integrated intelligence that enables tier-one Service Providers to offer premium, revenue generating value added services to customers – including parental control for families and enterprise Web security for businesses, both with flexible self-service policy provisioning tools.

WireFilter’s utilizes McAfee SmartFilter – the industry’s leading Web filtering database with more than 25 million Web sites organized into more than 90 categories – providing Web security with unmatched coverage, quality and accuracy.

WireFilter Benefits:

  • True Wire-Speed Low Latency Web Security Solution
    Provide low latency Web security solution for broadband customers with no reduction in Internet speed or quality of experience.
  • Carrier-Grade Performance with Superior High Availability
    10Gbps high performance system with matchless high availability to deliver non-stop mission-critical services.
  • Data Center Space and Power Saving
    A small footprint and highly efficient energy use saves space and power, reducing TCO and supporting green data centers.
  • Tiered Services Support
    Enables personalized, policy-based, managed Web security value added services for broadband and mobile customers.
  • Native support for Google and Yahoo SafeSearch
    WireFilter can enforce Google and Yahoo SafeSearch policies to provide clean Web, image and video searches results.